Sunday, 25 November 2007

Keep writing!

We've been receiving so many emails asking about Gail and the future for her character. It's great to hear your views and nice to know you share our despair at Gail's obvious replacement - Rebecca. Boo Hiss.

As much as we love your mail we are not in charge of Neighbours. If we were Gail would have been back a long, long time ago and the words 'Rebecca Napier' would never have entered the fray. So please, please print off those fabulous emails and mail them to the people in charge; Channel Ten, Freemantle, BBC and Five.

We need Gail back. We want Gail back. We're sick of bland Paul playing second fiddle to Ms Napier, his evil gene has been replaced with a boring gene and we need his real character back. Gail makes that happen. So for the sanity of all things Robinson - do your bit and help to Bring Back Gail.


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