Friday, 10 August 2007

Welcome to Bring Back Gail - The Campaign

Please note that these pages may contain spoilers for Neighbours viewers in the UK.

So Gail Robinson. One of the magical characters who helped Neighbours become the worldwide success it is today, and yet one of the few characters who has managed to recapture that magic 20 years on.

Paul's was not the only heart that skipped a beat when she walked back into Ramsay Street last year. Viewers all over the world were stunned to see the former Mrs Robinson back in town, not only bringing with her a wealth of history and familiar memories, but creating something brand new at the same. With Paul she shared the same passion she had always shared, with Cameron, Robert and Elle she showed us the Mother that we never got to witness in the 80s, and with present day characters such as Susan she displayed the qualities that were missing from Neighbours.

Just a few months ago in Australia Gail returned again, this time for only 5 episodes. But in this short time she once again captured the hearts of viewers and characters alike and proved why she should be a regular character on Neighbours.

She adds a new dimension to Paul and Elle, she works beautifully with her old friends like Harold and the new friend she has found in Susan, and as the writers displayed the love story between Paul and Gail that gripped us in the 80s is anything but over.

With actress Fiona Corke ready to return to her role we are left to wonder why she hasn't been signed up already. So as we write our campaign letters and make our banners we will record our thoughts and progress in this blog and hope that you will join us for the ride.

If you want to Bring Gail Back then grab a pen and tell your thoughts to the Neighbours team who can be contacted at Channel Ten Australia, Fremantle Media, Channel 5 UK and for the next few months only the BBC. Links and addresses can be found on our links bar to the right and at the bottom of the page.