Friday, 10 August 2007

Welcome to Bring Back Gail - The Campaign

Please note that these pages may contain spoilers for Neighbours viewers in the UK.

So Gail Robinson. One of the magical characters who helped Neighbours become the worldwide success it is today, and yet one of the few characters who has managed to recapture that magic 20 years on.

Paul's was not the only heart that skipped a beat when she walked back into Ramsay Street last year. Viewers all over the world were stunned to see the former Mrs Robinson back in town, not only bringing with her a wealth of history and familiar memories, but creating something brand new at the same. With Paul she shared the same passion she had always shared, with Cameron, Robert and Elle she showed us the Mother that we never got to witness in the 80s, and with present day characters such as Susan she displayed the qualities that were missing from Neighbours.

Just a few months ago in Australia Gail returned again, this time for only 5 episodes. But in this short time she once again captured the hearts of viewers and characters alike and proved why she should be a regular character on Neighbours.

She adds a new dimension to Paul and Elle, she works beautifully with her old friends like Harold and the new friend she has found in Susan, and as the writers displayed the love story between Paul and Gail that gripped us in the 80s is anything but over.

With actress Fiona Corke ready to return to her role we are left to wonder why she hasn't been signed up already. So as we write our campaign letters and make our banners we will record our thoughts and progress in this blog and hope that you will join us for the ride.

If you want to Bring Gail Back then grab a pen and tell your thoughts to the Neighbours team who can be contacted at Channel Ten Australia, Fremantle Media, Channel 5 UK and for the next few months only the BBC. Links and addresses can be found on our links bar to the right and at the bottom of the page.


Helen said...

Great stuff ! I will be joining the campaign and sending my letters off in the next few days!

Please everyone join in and help us bring back one of the most remembered and loved characters from Neighbours!


paulrobinson said...

Paul needs Gail, Gail needs Paul, there's no more to be said. Bring back Gail!

herriestopper said...

There are no two ways about it, they ARE a great couple!!

Bring on the campaign! Get writing!


Diana xxx

Hamilyn said...

As Paul said to Gail (2007) "We belong together" so they do. Still in love after 20 years it's crazy they're apart.

Gail's a terrific character. Paul needs her and Ramsay Street needs her! Bring Back Gail!!!!

phil said...

"The fact is....I love you...."

Bring Back Gail! Join the campaign!

toastytart said...

I don't normally join such campaigns but nothing would please me more than to see one of my all time favourite characters back on TV. Bring back Gail. Quickly!

julie said...


Paul needs Gail, Gail needs Paul, Elle needs Gail, Ramsay Street needs Gail . . .

Is there anything more to say?

We want Fiona back!

Claire said...

We've got Elle, we got (Real) Paul back - all that's missing is Gail! Just think how great it would be.
Bring her back!


h said...

Paul needs Gail,
Neighbours needs Gail,
We need Gail.

Bring back Gail! - you know it makes sense...

Sandra said...

This is great!

I loved seeing Gail back yesterday and today. Such a shame she's just back for a few episodes.

She's wonderful with Paul, and Paul is wonderful with her!

She has to come back!


Dave said...

Bring Back Gail. She's wonderful. Paul needs her. Elle needs her. Neighbours needs her.


Ashley said...

It's acting talent such as Fiona Corke that makes a soap opera worth tuning in for. Moreover, the character of Gail, with her warmth, her intelligence and her class, is quite honestly a coup for Neighbours - for any soap these days. She isn't just a wonderful character in her own right; she has the power to rejuvenate our belief in another character, one we'd sadly lost faith in, by reminding us who he was when she was around last time, and lavishing us with a taste of how it could be once again.

The Robinsons were always a family, not just a few people, wandering through life aimlessly that happen to be related through blood or marriage. We need to rebrand the Robinson name once again and I think Gail has the power to do that. At the moment, she needs to look after Paul. After that, she can fall in love with him once again (his falling in love with her goes without saying) and then, with careful writing, we can see a believable rise in integrity all round.

But it's not just Paul and Elle who would benefit from Gail's permanent return. She and Susan have struck up a friendship that could potentially be momentous and strong - an aspect of Neighbours that has always been important, and she would further add weight to what should be a demographic equilibrium in the show given her age. Another fortysomething certainly wouldn't be unwelcome, but Gail?

Bring her back and serenade her! :D

Paul said...

Neighbours in 2007 is infinitely better when Gail Robinson is on board.

Not only that, but Paul Robinson is also infinitely better with Gail around.

Do the sensible thing and bring back Fiona Corke full-time.

Clarebell said...

I'm keeping faith that Paul and Gail's story is far from over. There's too much between them, for this to be the case. The bond they still have, and always will, means that surely it's only it's on a matter of time befor they are rightfully reunited.

Bring back Gail, and let's have a proper Robinson family in the street again!

Clare x

Flinkerbell said...

Neighbours is SO much better with the character of Gail back in it. It would make Paul Robinson so happy to have the love of his life back forever.

Bring back Gail!!!

Aby said...

After seeing the UK episodes with Gail & Paul this week, its good to see the magic between the two hasn't diminished even after 20 years. The show needs that kind of magic in it again, something that's been lacking in recent years.

Bring back Gail! (and soon, please!)

הדס said...

Gail was always the one for Paul. No one before her, and certainly no one after her could even come close. Once we saw Paul & Gail together, we knew they were the real thing. A relationship between two equals who fit together perfectly without it ever being boring. Even on TV you rarely see that sort of magic.

With Paul back in the show, and their daughter there, there's no one else Paul should be with - because no other relationship is a patch on his and Gail's. She's the obvious choice - bring her back, and turn things from ordinary to special!

Gloria Lewis said...

Bring back my step-daughter-in-law! She ROCKS!!

Anonymous said...

But Gloria. It was actually your fault Gail Left. If only you'd admitted Rob knew thise car parts were stolen. The triplets would have had a mum and a dad!

Bring Back Gail. Please.

Anonymous said...

Please bring back Gail! Paul and the show would be infinitely better with her around.


Anonymous said...

Gail is absolutly beautiful, we need her beauty on our screens

hazel said...
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hazel said...

When i read in a magazine back in2006, that fiona corke was making her neighbours comeback i thought great,we've got stefan back as a regular character again, now we're getting fiona back too.
But then later when i read that she was only going to be guest starring, i was gutted(my heart sank).
I couldn't believe that the show was going to let fiona's unique talent slip away from them once more.
Let's just hope and pray that 2009 is the year that they Bring Back Gail, and reunite paul and gail forever.

Miche said...

great stuff guys! neighbours is nothing like it used to be in the golden days of the 80s but it would benfit greatly form this character coming back on a permanent basis


Do I need one? said...

I used to have a wee crush on Gail when she was on Neighbours. She was too lovely for Paul... but oh did she look nice those tight skirts and very neat blouses... Grrrrr

Anonymous said...

paul and gail
rebecca napier
rot in hell

Anonymous said...

Bring Back Gail
make me smile again.

misty said...

I know this is a campaign page all about trying to Bring Back Gail to Neighbours.
But deep down i would really love to see Stefan and Fiona working together again in something else,.
Either a great comedy or a real good hard hitting drama.
To me that would just be magic.
Iwould be very interested in hearing if any other of you Stefan and Fiona fans out there feel the same way as i do?.

Anonymous said...

Bring Back Gail

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching neighbours after she left, I hated seeing Paul with anyone else! Bring her back and I can start watching what used to be my favorite show once again!